The Evening Review

This is a powerful exercise to help everyone implement a better positive behavior, habit, or quality.  You’ll be amazed how fast this technique can lead to permanent change.

Now, you can do this as a guided meditation, or in a quiet room.  Sit with your eyes closed, breathe deeply, ask yourself these questions.

  • Show me where I could have been more effective today.
  • Show me where I could have been more conscious today.
  • Show me where I could have been a better (profession: teacher, coach, sales, etc) today.
  • Show me where I could have been more loving today.
  • Show me where I could have been more assertive today.
  • Show me where I could have been more (charismatic, benevolent, kind, considerate) today.

When you sit in calmness and become receptive, the events that had happened throughout the day will come to mind.  Observe them without making any judgement or self-criticism . When the events stop coming to mind, take each incident and replay them in your mind the way you would have preferred to have done it had you been more conscious and intentional at the time.  This creates a subconscious image that will help evoke the desired behavior the next time a similar situation occurs.

Try planning your next day schedule going exactly the way you want it, too.  This is all part of the last 45 minutes of the day.   I visualize the buses being on time when I leave my condo; the minivan being half full so I can get to Bangkok on time; the BTS Sky Train having empty seats; having empty seats.

For others, maybe you’ll visualize having all your errands taking care of, making every sale, all your clients being called by a particular time, picking up the kids on time, preparing everything so that your day goes exactly how you want it to.  See yourself performing at your best in every situation you will encounter during the next day.  This will give your subconscious all night to work on creating ways to make it all happen just as you have visualised it.

Every thought you think is broadcasted out to the universe. Remember that.  So get into the habit now of visualizing your ideal next day the night before.  This will surely make a massive difference in your life.

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