Herbalife Recipe – Pralines N Cream + Strawberry Healthy Meal Shake

Since I have a variety of ingredients at my disposal, I’ve decided to try out an array of different recipes and I stumbled across a fantastic one!

For those sweet-lovers out there, this one, including some blueberries and honey roasted almonds, is in my top 5.

The strawberry canister, which is different from what other countries have around the world, is only here in Thailand.  On the other hand, America has ‘berry’ and Australia apparently has ‘wild berry,’ – both which are great for supplementing the strawberry.  Also, Pralines N Cream is only available in America, so I would tell everyone else around the world to throw in Vanilla.  However, it kind of defeats the purpose of making this recipe though because the Pralines gives it a very distinct taste (sorry to everyone outside of America….but still do try it out).

Blueberries, which is an exceptional brain booster (https://draxe.com/health-benefits-blueberries/), works wonders during those mid-afternoon crashes where you see a decrease in energy (depending on if you eat high carbs during lunch).  I like putting these into my smoothies; and even having them at hand during the afternoon, just in case I fall apart (sometimes I do, I’m no god).

The honey organic almonds (or just traditional unsalted almonds) are an excellent source of fat (as I’ve written in my past).  In addition to that, it’s almost like adding a cup of cereal to my smoothie.  It gives it that crunchy texture which is much different from my everyday Orange Cream + Vanilla shakes.

Also, use 2% or non-fat milk and add a few ice cubes (or more depending on if you want it thick or thin).

There you have it! Another wondrous Herbalife recipe for you all! I will be ordering some chocolate soon, so stay tuned for the chocolate + peanut cookie flavours (I’m salivating just thinking about it).


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