Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 47 – Pronunciation – Structure Words After Focus Words

It is especially important to de-emphasize structure words that follow a focus word. If a listener hears a pitch jump on a structure word after a focus word, the important focus word might get lost.

Listen to my podcast down below and underline the last content word in each thought group.

  1. A:Guess what? Dave is moving to Barbados. — B: I know, I’m going to miss him.
  2. A: Why did you take the bus? — B: Because I missed the last train.
  3. A: Look! There’s a dog here! — B: There aren’t supposed to be dogs on the street, right?
  4. A: Have you heard from Anupan? — B: No, I haven’t been able to reach her.
  5. A: Let’s meet her in front of the bank. — B: Great. I’ll be there around 4pm.
  6. A: What’s wrong with the food? — B: There’s a bug in it!
  7. A: I’m going to need the key later. — B: Ok, I’ll put it in the mailbox.
  8. A: Where was her passport? — B: It was in her hand!
  9. A: How was your holiday? — B: I enjoyed Singapore SOOO much!
  10. A: I don’t have any money on me. — B: I don’t either. How will be catch a taxi?

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