Pronunciation Course II is Now Available!

The second relaunch is here! My pronunciation course Phase II is available for $9.99! In this course, I'll be covering the following topics. Voiceless and voiced wordsInitial voiceless and voiced consonantsFinal voiceless and voiced consonantsGrammatical endingsPronouncing the -s/-es endingsPronouncing the -ed Endings There's material, documents, and homework at the end of each segment, making this... Continue Reading →

Free Pronunciation Course Re-launch!

We're back! After the debacle of UDEMY, I'm happy to finally present you with my pronunciation course, again! So, originally I had put it on UDEMY, but because their ridiculous restrictions, poor customer service and a very cheap marketplace, I felt like my course was just TOO GOOD to be on there, nor did anything... Continue Reading →

{Patreon Special} Pronunciation Course | Phase III | Reducing Structure Words

Welcome to the second-to-last audio/video of my pronunciation course, phase III! Today I'm bringing you reducing structure words. After coaching an Egyptian pharmacist and hearing out she over-stressed structured words, this is very important for everyone out there. Here's a sneak peek. Remember, it's available on all Patreon badges! Unstressed words are often reduced, meaning... Continue Reading →

Pronunciation Course | Phase II | Final Voiceless and Voiced Consonants

We're back with final voiceless and voiced consonants! Another video that will help you with cutting off specific words, as well as identifying words with and without vibrations. What signals the difference between voiceless and voiced consonants at the ends of words? Voiceless                                                         Voiced White                                                                                      wide White beaches                                                                        wide beaches Bus                                                                                          buzz The bus stopped                                                                    ... Continue Reading →

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