Questions & Answers: Why Stay In Thailand, Arsenio?

What a follow-up  question from one of my new friends (not sure how long she’ll be around, but I’m grateful and humble – lol).

So, Arsenio….why do you continue to stay in Thailand, even though all the noise has been happening for years?

What Other Countries Are There?

Honestly, if I had ever moved back to America, that would be like taking 5-years-of-steps in the wrong direction.  I just can’t see myself living in an environment like that anymore.  No offence to all of the Americans who live in America and continue living there, but I think it’s too much of a “sports” nation – like England.  I don’t want to be around people who say, “are you going to watch the game?” Yeah, I’m going to spend 3 hours wasting my life away, watching commercials and other men play a sport whereas they’re making millions and I’m not.  I hate to really put it that way, but it’s the perspective I have now.  Do you know what I can do in 3 hours?! I can do two podcasts, message 50 influencers, make connections, create tests, write blogs and do a bunch of other things.  So, that’s one of the areas that really scares the s*** out of me.  Visiting America is perfectly fine, but going back to live is an absolute NO.

Then I thought about the other countries.  The likes of Chile, Costa Rica and Honduras.  In these countries, I wouldn’t get paid no more than 1000$ USD.  Am I in it for the money? No, but overhead in terms of blogs and potential employees…this wouldn’t be good.  However, at the end of the year, it could definitely go up considerably because I’ll set up multiple sources of income, giving myself lead-way in terms of having other employees on board.

I also considered Mongolia and other countries in Central Asia, but the climate is a bit daunting and not much opportunity.

In addition, I was thinking China (only for a few months) to somehow extend my brand.  That’s definitely still something I would consider.  If I can get into an organization or even teach at a language center for three months, I can absolutely win an audience.

The Excitement

What other countries do you have people committing sexual acts in public?! I’m kidding.   No, I’m not.  It’s the truth – lol.  Ok, all sex acts aside, the journey that i go on everyday is just incredible.  I LOVE IT! Let’s look at Friday, for instance.

Kick-off running on my side of the river, zigging and zagging through traffic and having onlookers staring in awe.  Go up about 4 flights of stairs to get to the top of the bridge and run over the river – the biggest river in Thailand.  Get to the other side and NOW THE EXCITEMENT HAPPENS. There’s no slowing down when there are business people staring.  By the time I’m finished — with the 10km run — I get some protein at my gym (stop-in), and head home.  I then have a class at 11am in the epicenter, then I take a skytrain, subway, and motorcycle taxi to teach a doctor in a super-posh neighborhood.  After that, I hike it back home through transportation, meeting loads of people, and get home .  I mean there’s just so much going on and that’s just SUPER EXCITING.


I go where the opportunity is.  If I believe the opportunity runs out in Thailand, it’ll be time for me to pack my bags and head to another part of the world.  If I look at what China has to offer (terribly polluted environment) or any other southeast Asian country, they just don’t stack up to Thailand, a country where anything goes.  This is why I continue to stay.

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