Travel Blog/Ramble of Positivity: Episode 2 – Transition Is Here (3.5 Years & Gone)!

I have to take a look back on some of the greatest times of my life.  3.5 years and this chapter has ended for all the right reasons.  There weren’t necessarily outer forces holding me back, and of course, I’ve gone on rants about sex/wife tourists hating me because of me giving them the blunt truth, but what a remarkable run I had with amazing students.


These were the first three students I had ever met.  Well, I don’t want to mention the others (which were surely forgettable), but these were three magnificent beings.  The one on the left would just say “teacher” about five-thousands times per class.  The one in the black and grey sweater spoke the most English and Nus, at the top, had true potential.  This was my first evening class, which was given just after Halloween in 2014, and it’s one I have to cherish immensely.  Two of the girls have vanished and gone onto new walks of life, but the English speaking students hangs around from time-to-time on FB or Instagram.  She’s been there for me through thick and thin.

image1.jpegI love this part and I’m going to admit it at the same time.  She was a pre-intermediate student with high-hopes to go to England (and she ultimately went to Wales and graduated – looking absolutely marvelous to this date.  She was a gifted student who was at a very low-level (to take the IELTS examination), but after finishing her classes, she contacted me and wanted to pay much less — and of course — I agreed. I built her up in some hours and she achieved the score to head to Wales.  This was one of my “first of many” achievements!


This was the best summer (in terms of salary) and most influential month.  Not only did I teach at a province where it all began, but I taught TOEIC, a course that the majority of the “I’m-50-and-angry-at-the-world” teachers told me I couldn’t teach. So, let’s just put it simply — I DID! Not only did I do that, but this was the notorious trip when the marketing manager told me, “oh, it’s hard to market a black guy when we try getting companies.”  Yeah, July of 2016….this was the last time I ever got a project, and it should’ve been the time that I left…but I just got too complacent.

image1.jpegYoung, handsome as hell, and one of my favorite classes.  Skin and hair was looking GOOD back in the day! LOL. Some of these students are studying in England, Tokyo, and Australia.  Some went on to become successful entrepreneurs and one’s in the army.  Just star-studded!

What can I really say about this 3.5 years at a place (longest ever)? Well, I’ve had the opportunity to influence so many students who have gone on to the likes of Wales, America, Australia, Japan, Singapore – and I’ve also turned some of my students into big time entrepreneurs.  Teaching isn’t about just flipping pages.  The historical mindset, which is the majority of the older generation, feels that informational regurgitation is what academics are.  This is why is was time for me to go onto the next big step with my life because you can’t work with people who are unrealistic, lack of adaptation, and doesn’t focus on the students’ core genius.  If you feel you’ve gotten complacent and comfortable with doing something that doesn’t help humanity, it’s time to make something happen.  Like Gary Vee says, “you’re going to die soon.”  Rock the damn house!

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