Don’t Let The Beetles Get You Down

Does anyone remember the scene out of U-571 where depth charges are being dropped on a Nazi Submarine (but captured by the Americans) during WWII? Here, let me refresh your memory.

Here’s a dramatic clip and a story of a man named Robert Moore.  He said back in 1945 he had learned the biggest lesson of his life.  He was under 276 feet of water off the course of Indo-China.  He was one of eighty-eight men aboard a submarine named Baya S.S. 318.  While in the submarine, they had discovered a small Japanese convoy on radar…so preparing for the attack, they also saw a Japanese destroyer escort, a tanker, and a mine layer.  So, the minelayer spotted them and they went 150 feet underneath sea level to avoid detection, and rigged for a depth charge.  They turned literally all electricity off, including the fans to avoid making any sounds.

Three minutes later, six depth charges blew up around them, pushing them down to the ocean floor at 276 feet.  For the next 15 hours, this minelayer pummelled them.  Robert was beyond terrified and at that given time, he remembered all the bad things he had done.  All the absurd things we have a tendency to complain about such as being a bank clerk before joining the Navy – dealing with those obnoxious customers.  Not being able to afford a car, house, some of the pettiest things.

He quoted, “how big all those worries seemed years ago!  But how absurd they seemed when depth charges were threatening to blow me to kingdom come!”

He promised himself, “if I ever saw the stars and sun again, I would never, never worry again. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!!!


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