Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 11 – Developing Writing – A Story – Similes – Ways of Talking

Developing writing! Using an array of adjectives in your writing to describe settings and actions! Oh, this is going to be a great developing writing task. I love this! I’ve missed putting so much into my writing, and now as English learners, it’s time to learn a few things.


  1. What is the last story you read? What was it about?
  2. Did you like the story? Why/why not?
  3. What do you think makes a good story?


Match 1-10 with a-j to make similes.

  1. as strong
  2. as cold
  3. as quick
  4. as cool
  5. as quiet
  6. as fresh
  7. as clear
  8. as easy
  9. as solid
  10. as light

a. as a daisy

b. as a feather

c. as ice

d. as ABC

e. as a mouse

f. as a flash

g. as mud

h. as an ox

i. as a cucumber

j. as a rock

Vocabulary – Ways of Talking

A. “Oh well, I won’t be able to go to Japan this year,” I sighed.

B. “It can’t be! I thought you weren’t coming!” I gasped.

C. “No! You’re going in the wrong direction!” I yelled.

D. “But I’m already working 10 hours on Saturday!” I whined.

E. “It’s a cockroach!” I shrieked.

F. “Don’t tell anyone I told you,” I whispered.

G. “Sorry, I didn’t really wanna take you, nor see you,” I muttered.

H. “Oh, no! Why are we going there!?” the kids groaned.

  1. to speak in a loud high voice because you are so scared or angry that you cannot control yourself.
  2. to speak in a loud voice because you are angry, excited, or in pain.
  3. to speak very quietly so that other people can’t hear you.
  4. to speak in a way that shows you are unhappy.
  5. to speak breathing out slowly, making a long soft sound, especially because you are disappointed, tired, annoyed, or relaxed.
  6. to speak while you are breathing in suddenly, for example because you are surprised, shocked or in pain.
  7. to complain in a way that annoys other people.
  8. to speak in a low voice that is difficult to hear.


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