IELTS Speaking Part I: Money

We’re back with some great IELTS Part 1 questions about money. Having a great awareness about dozens of topics will ultimately help you going into a speaking test because I’ve heard examiners speak about the most ridiculous things EVER. With that being said. Let’s look at the questions.

When you go shopping, do you prefer to pay things by cash or card? Why?

Remember, always to make good eye contact with the examiner from the moment you enter the room and answer in a polite and friendly way. Your body language is an important part of communicating.

Identify the tense. What is it?

Is it a two-part question?

If so, make sure to answer both parts.

Do you ever save money to buy special things? Why?

Is it a two-part question? Agree or disagree before following it up with 2-3 examples that correlate with one another.

Would you ever take a job which had low pay? Why or why not?

What tense it this? This is a conditional. We’re talking in the “if” form…imaginary situations, so be very careful with speaking.

Example: “I wouldn’t take a job that paid me a low salary because I feel that I would’ve have the desire to fulfill the needs of my position.

See what I mean?

Would winning a lot of money make a big difference in your life? Why or why not?

Two-part question…..give me examples of why it would or wouldn’t make a big difference in your life. NOT A DIFFERENCE IN OTHERS’ LIVES….but your life.

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