Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 3 – Past Simple

Welcome back to another ESL podcast and blog.  Today, on the menu, is past simple.  I’m going to do it in bulk, so please tune into my podcast in the link down below for examples.  With that being said, here are some exercises down below for you.

Match the bullet points with the numbers down below.

  • The girl decided to take up piano.
  • Did you go to the store yesterday?
  • Banks use complicated systems that confuse customers.
  • She was a student at this school.
  • They went to the parade after 10am.
  • American banks don’t usually open on Sundays.
  • The guys didn’t know where they were going.
  • He wasn’t very happy.


  1. a form of to be in the past simple affirmative
  2. a form of be in the past simple negative
  3. a regular verb in the past simple affirmative
  4. an irregular verb in the past simple affirmative
  5. a past simple question
  6. a verb in the past simple negative

Complete the text with the past simple form of the verbs given.

In 2013, in New York, there _____________ a terrible crime.  Somebody _________ (mug) an elderly woman in the street and ___________ (steal) her smartphone.  Then he ____________ (run) away.  The woman _________(not know) the criminal but, soon after the mugging, she ___________ (get) a surprise.  The mugger _________________(not be) very clever.  He ______________(take) a photo of himself on the phone and accidentally ______________(email) it to the woman.  The woman then ____________(print) the photo and __________________(go) to the police.  The police ______________(find) the criminal easily and _____________(arrest) him.  He ________________(have) other stolen things at home, too, so the police _________________(be) happy to catch him.




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