Put A “Stop Loss” Order On Your Worries: Visa Madness Turned Multiple Trips

I covered this particular podcast a long time ago, but this has transformed COMPLETELY the way I view situations.  Putting a stop-loss on something can range from a unreliable friend that shows up late to meals, to dealing with mundane tasks.  If there’s something that’s bugging you, put a stop-loss on it, figure it out within a 10-minute time-frame, and move on.

Visa Madness

So, today I came across a situation that I had to really think things through.  After talking to myself in a voice message to one of my content writers, I figured it out instantaneously.

Because immigration in Thailand is a massive pain in the ass, my documents wouldn’t be ready for me to get my visa on July 9th, a trip that has already been booked and paid for.  What does this mean? That means I’m going to Malaysia from the 8th to the 10th next month and I won’t even obtain a visa while I’m there.

My historical self would’ve quickly jumped around, pouting, acting like the end of the world is here.  However, let’s put this into perspective and watch the stop-loss.

  • I have to leave the country no matter what, so buying the flight was perfect.
  • Two nights in Malaysia? Extra night and loss of $100 USD? Not so fast.  Meeting with my content writer, workout/podcast/meal/Instagram videos with a powerlifter who’s an entrepreneur, and a nice two-day trip.
  • July 27th-30th = Spartan Beast Malaysia…so I have to go back in 18 days already.
  • Visa trip = August 25th.

“Arsenio, ok….all planned out.  What about the money?”  I save an insane amount and I still travel and pay all my bills.  $100 RT ticket to Malaysia and a night or two (preferably two) in a hotel.  Spend next-to-nothing and that’s it! I win!

See, this is how you evaluate situations.  Am I in a hurry to get the visa? Absolutely NOT.  I can give a damn! That’s why I’m pushing it back even further because I simply don’t give a damn.  Yes, I have to travel a heck of a lot more often, but who the hell would complain about traveling?!


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