Trust Your Instincts

It was a difficult decision, but because of the intuition I’ve developed over the past several years, I was able to make the best decision.

I had an email one day from a job that I had applied for 3 months prior, and I was shocked to even see that they replied to me.

The first thing that came to mind was, “well, they’re responding two months later, that means they weren’t able to find anyone to suit their needs.”  They had known about my personality already even before the interview happened (that’s why everyone needs to take notes and create an online/google presence). So, the first interview was so promising that it scratched the back head of my mind.  All of this doesn’t come without condition.  It was too good, in fact.  I put at yellow flag above it because they were pushing for me to get my visa.  Normally, here in Thailand, jobs want to see your performance before they offer you something full-time.  If there’s a problem, they wouldn’t give you the full-time/visa/work permit because of your on-job performance.  This job was quick to say, “is this a place you want to work? Ok! Let’s start your paperwork!”

I frequently go to Malaysia (KL) to get my visa because it’s much easier.  The job didn’t want me to.  They wanted me to get my visa here within Bangkok, which is a huge hassle and super annoying.  In Malaysia, I make it into a short holiday, drop off the documentation, and come back the following day in the evening before heading to the airport.  It’s simple.

There were messages that related to “fear mongering,” which is he action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue. 

She sent me photos of immigration officers going to schools while apprehending “illegal teachers;” however, she failed to mention that most of them had overstayed their visas and they were into illegal activities.  She also mentioned it in person to put more pressure on me in terms of getting my visa.  I went to the USA embassy for a BS document, another horrible place to get a stamp, and then turned everything in — finally.

However, the yellow flags turned into red flags and I’ve explained that in my podcast down below.

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