Lisa Nichols – The Process of Asking Giving & Receiving

Step 1: Asking

I’ve talked in the past about your life purpose statement, visualization, meditation, making affirmations among so many other things so you can figure out what exactly you want.  Be very clear about what you want.

When you do your affirmations, add color, sound, emotions, and other sensory impressions to the pictures you see in your mind. What would you be seeing, hearing, doing, and feeling as you are living your desired outcome?

For instance, I saw in Jack Canfield’s ‘Success Principles’ book about visualizing doing a tedx.  If you follow some of the guided meditations as I’ve recommended in my past blogs, they (Glen Harold in particular) has downloadable podcasts for meditation which could help you relieve the fear of public speaking, to even visualizing being at an even.t

“If your dream is to inspire millions via mass media, for example, see yourself walking onstage amid the bright lights of the studio. Hear your audience welcoming you. Visualize yourself wearing the latest fashions, interviewing intriguing guests, then working with your production team afterward, preparing for the next show. Focus frequently on these images throughout the day so you repeatedly transmit your desires to the Universe.
But don’t focus on how your goal will show up. Let the Universe do the heavy lifting and align the necessary people, resources, and circumstances for you. Remember I said in Chapter 1 to have 100% intention, but 0% concern about the mechanism? That rule allows The Law of Attraction to do its work. Also remember that as the how shows up, you then must get in action.”

Excerpt From: Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer. “Abundance Now.”

Step 2: Believe

This is where the non-believers get stuck almost all the time.  People expect things to show up instantly, but that’s not how it works.  If you keep putting the emotional feelings out there that you have it, and visualizing every night before you go to bed and when you wake up, it will eventually show up.  It has for me.

I’m visualizing a lot of things or I have been for that matter.  Walking on the beach in Bali (achieved), going to Hawaii (achieved twice), Japan (achieved), Mongolia, snowfields in Hokkaido, Fiji + Samoa (what I’m visualizing now).  You have to mimic exactly how you would feel when you’re there.

Step 3: Receive

Lisa Nichols – “Of course, the quickest and most effective way to receive what you want is to maintain a state of gratitude for what you have already received. When you are grateful—and actively transmit that gratitude to Source Energy—it recognizes that you’ll be grateful for the next gift, and the next. But more important, it keeps you focused on the gratitude you will be feeling when your stated desire enters your life—which is just one more way of attracting it in the first place.”

And last, but not least, how to activate future abundance now.  Those micro winds and macro winds I’ve talked about in the past? Let’s go over them and see how we can be grateful today.


If you’re focused on your health and fitness these days, why not set the intention to create micro wins in that area? For instance, could you do 30 minutes of stretching, breathing, or Pilates? Similarly, if your goal is to upgrade your physical environment, could you clear out the clutter in your closet and organize your shoes? If your macro win is to lead a jet-setter lifestyle, could you plan an amazing, breathtaking trip a year from now, then deposit your first $100 in a new savings account for that goal. Could you work on your vision board one hour a day until complete—including creating focused boards for specific categories such as your career or business, your love life, or your lifestyle? Could you nourish yourself through a really great book on spirituality or leadership? Could you take 30 minutes for a “spa moment” such as a facial mask, manicure, or sitting with your feet in your foot massager? How could you honor, celebrate, and love yourself?


With the time that you have, why not make a list of five people who you haven’t reached out to for a while—then text random love notes to them or make random phone calls to catch up? Could you write love notes (I write these to my mom)? Could you spend 30 minutes finding like-minded groups to join in order to expand your social circle? Could you write a love letter filled with just love and gratitude to your children, partner, sibling, or parent?


What micro wins could you create in your career or your business? One I recommend is creating a work environment that inspires you, so why not spend an hour each day creating organization, putting systems in place, or framing and hanging photos of you in successful situations? If you’re a business owner, you could take time to invest in relationships with your team. Or you could set goals that drive you—even if no one else will ever know about them (they’re your goals, after all!).”


Why not write a budget, organize your bills, file your documents, or take an hour to identify additional revenue streams? An hour spent three days a week creating a bigger income for yourself would go a long way toward the macro win of an upgraded lifestyle, if that is your goal.

Excerpt From: Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer. “Abundance Now.

Here is how to get started today.  I talk about this a lot in the Tim Ferris blog + podcast so be sure to stay tuned for that and if you want to listen to my podcast on this particular blog, the link is directly below this!

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