TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Mini-test #2 | Process of Elimination

We’re back with another mini-test! I’ve had a couple of students tell me that they need more help in Written Expression, one of them narrowly missing their mark by ten points (needed 550). So, I said LET ME QUICKLY make a video for you guys, breaking down the process of elimination and how they can narrow their choices down. Here we go!

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  1. Commercial bakeries can make thousands of loaves of bread on one time by using automated equipment.
  2. North America is a third largest of the seven continents.
  3. Neither humans or dogs can hear as well as cats.
  4. The astronomer George Hale was a pioneer in the art of photograph the Sun.
  5. Trucks can be used transport a wide variety of cargoes.
  6. Pikes Peak, named for explorer Zebulon Pike, is Colorado’s most famous but not its most highest mountain.
  7. Identical colors may appear to be quite different when are they viewed against different backgrounds.
  8. Oceanography is not a single science and rather a group of disciplines with a common focus.
  9. Until 1960, Maine was unique in that it held presidential and congressional elections on September, two months earlier than the rest of the nation.
  10. Snowshoes allow a person walking on snow without sinking into it because they distribute the person’s weight over a wide area.
  11. Fuel injection engines employ injectors instead a carburetor to spray fuel into the cylinders.
  12. Ocean currents have a enormous effect on life on this planet.
  13. Hydraulic elevators are still used in some old buildings, but all almost new buildings are equipped with electrical electors.
  14. Diaries and journals writing during colonial times provide the best records of that era.
  15. Frequently, the combination of several spices will result of a more pleasing flavor than the use of just one.
  16. Gold topaz is much rare than either white or blue topaz.
  17. A mosaic is picture made from small bits of colored glass or tile.
  18. Reclamation is the successful attempt to make deserts, marshlands, or other unusable land suitable of farming or building.
  19. A successful salesperson must have an intuitive understanding of psychology human.
  20. The University of Wisconsin was the first school to make a serious effort teach students public administration.
  21. Some underground water is enough safe to drink, but all surface water must be treated.
  22. A feeding animal will usually allow competitors approaching only within a certain distance, the boundaries of which are called its feeding territory.
  23. Most familiar type of pump in use today is the piston pump.
  24. The term “forgetting” refers to the loss, whether temporary and long-term, of material that has previously been learned.
  25. Dieticians urge people to eat the banana a day to get enough potassium in their diet.

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