The Desire Map | Expressions + Love

So, in today’s episode/blog, we’re going to discuss what brings your Core Desired Feelings to life?

For example, Gaia, who I call the goddess or earth, is one of my Core Desired Feelings. It’s not because of the past, being completely destroyed and building myself up, it’s the fact that when I think of Earth, I feel like I’m absolutely part of it and invested in it.

So, Gaia LOVES TO work out because the feeling of becoming strong is essential to it’s being.

It ADORES nature, hearing birds, seeing giant lizards, communicating with birds, etc.

It feels joy when it’s at warp speed (running) because the feeling of freedom and growth is what it craves.

It REMEMBERS all of the hard times, but it only looks at it as lesson-based learning curbs, not part of it’s complete bio.

It wears things that makes it feel sexy.

It listens to all the molecules through its body and makes sure that they’re firing on all cylinders.

It EATS both healthy food, which is absolutely loves, but also craves the goodness of cuisine such as beef patties and pizza.

It moves with confidence because it knows that it shows up as its best self everyday.

It celebrates when it sees and feels growth, such as going to the gym and seeing the results.

It cherishes the times which it had felt weak for it was a plateau that needed to be left behind.

It protects the entire body by making sure it gets proper food, rest, meditation, and has the ever-glowing holistic spirit.

It gives grace to others who are also out to attain their inner-Gaia

And it delights in basking in the compliments that are ever-flowing.

Now, with that being said, write down your CDF’s and use the subject + verb to create sentences, such as what I did.


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