Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 5 – Episode 17 – Listening – Career Success – IELTS (Fill In The Gap) Exercise

Welcome back to another listening and today will be featuring a close listening technique for IELTS learners around the globe. Here’s the “fill in the blank” technique!

In note completion activities, look at the notes before you listen. There will be a word or phrase, such as a name or date, to help you locate the information you need. This is particularly important in situations where you only hear the recording once.

Complete the notes


  • sweets were placed in front of a _____________
  • the experiment found that ___________ is important for career success
  • those who passed the marshmallow test dealt better with __________ later in life

Professor Carol Dweck’s Research

  • success in _______ at school does not necessarily lead to career success
  • boys get more _______ at school than girls, which helps them later
  • playing sports teaches you how to accept ____________

Dunning and Ehrlinger’s Research

  • ‘science’ experiment showed that _____________ is not related to ability
  • workers at one multinational company who believed they deserved _____________ were often more successful


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