I got FIRED!

A phone call a year later had me left shaking my head: “ummm, why now? Why call me a year later after I had already spurned you the first time?”

I was pretty confused, but at a time that money was absolutely essential, I said “fuck it. Let me shove the things that happened aside and go forward.”

So, I did. For four days I worked at this place, developing relationships, implementing new things, having amazing conversations and seeing university students battle high schoolers in an English Tournament (funnest game ever because it’s filled with passion and emotion).

All while that was taking place, the lady, who had originally called me to begin with, had a sudden change.

Hidden Agenda

She promised a visa (not needed). She promised full, part-time work (which I stressed about heavily during our sitdown), and was so upbeat. Within 24 hours, all of those positive emotions and vibes flipped upside down. The guy, who’s the director, was showering me with praise: “oh, you’re so handsome today.” And living in a country where I’m labeled as the bad guy, I immediately asked myself, “wth is this guy talking about?”

Her demeanor, hellos, and just being the way I THOUGHT she was changed. By the time it was the end of the week, there wasn’t even eye-contact. She had completely gone cocoon on me. She was only a shade of what she used to be.

Meanwhile, one of the my students told me, “her intention was to only keep you on for four days.” When she said that at the beginning, I said “ummm no. I’m here permanent on weekdays. “


  • No eye-contact
  • Change in vibe
  • No smiles
  • Cold shoulders

I knew she was hiding something since LAST YEAR!

Talk Not Straight

As I’ve said in my Stephen Covey podcasts, talking straight is absolutely essential in any form of business. If she had told me that she was keeping me on for only a week, I would have been completely fine with that. However, she pushed me into a narrative as if I was there full-time.

Odd Shopping Center

Honestly, I just hated going to this place. From the moment I walked in, going up the escalators, and seeing how empty it was, it really freaked me out. On the floor I taught, just about every shop area was vacant because people would much rather go to a bigger, more formidable shopping center 100m away, not a completely dried out, vacant ghosttown. So, this was a true blessing in disguise because this place gave me some crazy negative vibes.


At the end of the night, I glanced into the “boss'” room, and I saw an envelope and a signature sheet on his desk. I then knew, “perfect!” Because just several hours earlier, I had received a phone call from my job (different branch) and they offered me 5 classes during the week). When I got that call, I said “oh wow! This was just a four-day gig!” I knew the universe was talking to me. So, I received a payslip, shook his hand, and the front-desk secretary gave me “next week’s lesson.” I looked at it and looked at the lady that originally hired me and she said “tomorrow we will have a meeting about your feedback.”

I laughed. YOu can’t have a meeting about things you didn’t see, nor am I a child. I won’t wait. You know if I’m the shit or I’m shit. So I then approached my students and OMG. If you wanna hear that story, click on my podcast down below, but i called my place of work and boom — just like that — I got five additional classes.

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