Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 57 – Pronunciation – Stress in Words with Suffixes (Part II)

Hello, everyone! We’re back with some great stuff this morning, and I’m even more excited to go back over stressing in words with suffixes.

-sion/-tion disCUSsion polLUTion
-cious/tious deLIcious ficTItious
-fic/-tic/-mic speCIfic athLEtic
-cial fiNANcial comMERcial
-ity aBILity comMODity

Repeat the words out loud, go to my facebook page, post the word and tell me which syllable is stressed!

  1. Academic
  2. Suspicious
  3. Necessity
  4. Artificial
  5. Protection
  6. Characteristic
  7. Consumption
  8. Superstitious
  9. Condensation

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