How To Deal With Trolls: Ignorant Foreigners In Thailand Backing Racism

Wow, I was getting ready and in the routine this morning when I saw a YouTube comment.  My jaw-dropped, one of my eyes squinted, and then I bursted out laughing.

If only I could’ve used that comment down below to show you the lunacy of this specific individual (likely a 50+ year-old sex/wife tourist residing in Thailand), it would’ve made for a some great comedy.

I was called a MISOGYNIST.


Wait, let me get my breath back.

Ummmm, why would I hate women?  Huh?

Why would I hate Thai women? Women who I thought were remarkably open-minded the first time I met them back in 2012 until I saw their true nature in 2013?

How could you even back the fact that Thai women are blatantly and openly racist towards all colored men, especially black?

I was blown away at this individuals lack of empathy, empathic listening, and autobiographical response to a situation.  He took everything literally and got very defensive about something I said two years ago? However, no way would he ever comment on my podcasts today.  So, what’s the problem? What’s bothering this particular individual and what has irked him? He has an extreme amount of intolerance and doesn’t want to stand on my side of the line, so I’m guessing he too, is a sex/wife tourist who’s of the half-century mark and has a Thai wife who’s half his age.

I have the upmost compassion for individuals like this, but it’s time to face what isn’t working. Here’s my rant in the podcast down below.

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