Gary Vee: Facebook 101

Foreword I've done a heavy dose of Facebook advertising over the years.  When I launched my first YouTube video back in 2015, I sponsored the hell out of the video on my Facebook, which then turned into a few hundred likes and maybe a dozen views on the YouTube video.  To this day, that has... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Video Optimization

Grrr! While I was reading this, I smacked the couch that I'm sitting on and face-palmed myself.  I realized that the reason why I'm probably not getting returning listeners is because I'm not optimizing to the full effect that I should be. Example. “DESCRIPTIONS: Are the top two lines of the description keyword optimized? Are... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Vlogging & Online Trolls

Gary Vee explained his early days of Wine Library TV such as the evolution of my podcast. In his very early stages, he was very timid and acted, I guess you can say, in a professional manner.  Dozens of episodes down the line, you can see a picture of Joe Frazier and Ali fighting in... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Get Discovered

“You need to understand something: when you’re starting with nothing, you will find that your absolute breakthrough opportunities will be developed in two ways: By the smart use of hashtags, a strategy that requires an unbelievably long grind. By direct-messaging, i.e., reaching out directly to people and offering something of value in return for their... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: What’s Stopping You?

I talked about the PMA on my recent podcast, but what's really stopping you from achieving against all odds?  Look, at the end of 2015, I had no purpose and my life was upside down.  I would constantly complain and not doing anything about it.  I was around the whiney bitch party who would also... Continue Reading →

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