Restoring Market Trust

With regard to Market Trust, it's true that in many cases, if you violate a customer's trust, you're not going to get a second chance. Ultimately that decision is up to the customer, who may simply choose to not play anymore and go his/her own way. Just recently I was trying to get my visa... Continue Reading →

Stephen Covey’s Smart Trust Matrix Zones

Zone 1 (High Propensity to Trust; Low Analysis) is the "Blind Trust" zone of gullibility. It's the Pollyanna approach where people blissfully trust everyone. This is where we find those "suckers who are born every minute" -- those people who are a sure bet to fall for Internet, marketing, investment, and other scams. Fyre Festival... Continue Reading →

When Defamation Happens

This was odd, but I believe it was the first of what could be a very unwelcoming and complete fall out of what something used to be. When ex-employees get mad and begin the vilification process, know what you truths, capabilities, results, integrity and everything else is. It's important in the process. Let's just say... Continue Reading →

Stephen Covey’s Action Plan on Trust

As promised in my podcast, this is the action plan with behaviors 1-13 and here's an excerpt, along with the action plan, so you can figure out what needs to be done intrinsically. In the beginning of this 13 behaviors section, I used a personal challenge for you to make this material highly relevant and... Continue Reading →

Listen First Trust Tips

Think back over your interactions with others during the past week, both at work and at home. Think of a time when you did or didn't Listen First. What were the results? What would have been the results if you had behaved differently? Of course, withdrawals. See, this is very important, especially in the world... Continue Reading →

Practicing Accountability

Practicing accountability. Man, how hard is it to be accountable for other people's actions? I mean, it's easy to say "hey, you're not performing on the job. Please get your act together!" But if you're selling and getting clients, but you never come through because you don't have the teachers to deliver the LOSE!... Continue Reading →

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