TOEFL iTP | Reading | Vocabulary Questions | Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

We are back with a high-octane TOEFL iTP Reading! And in today's question for understanding context, I have bigger vocabulary terms, prior knowledge, and energy. Get your popcorn ready! TOEFL iTP Course (Structure): TOEFL iTP Course (Written Expression): TOEFL iTP Course (Listening):

TOEFL iBT | Listening | Discussion | Enrollment

We're back with another fantastic listening exercise for TOEFL! Today's episode is going to be on enrollment. Remember, make sure you do the listening first (in the podcast down below) before looking at the questions. Here's my note-taking! Podcast with Listening Note-taking Situation: tried to enroll into field studyalready full, had to be put on... Continue Reading →

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TOEFL Listening | Discussion | Interdisciplinary Program

Welcome back, everyone! We're back with uploads, and you can either work from the bottom up or star from the top and work towards the bottom. In today's segment, we have a discussion -- Interdisciplinary Program. I believe you guys will do well in this, so let me know how it goes! Patreon

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