The Emotional Bank Account Course is Officially LIVE!

So, after my blog has gotten a significant amount of views over the years (as well as podcast plays), I've finally put together a video course to teach everyone about The Emotional Bank account.  With loads of actionable items, this could be your introduction into personal development/self-improvement.  Because we're always engaged in communication, whether it's... Continue Reading →

Restoring Relationship Trust

Another area that creates huge trust issues in personal relationships is money. As many marriage counselors affirm, money problems are a key cause of divorce. While many such problems are caused by lack of character (selfish or impulsive spending, attempts to control or restrict a partner's access to shared resources, or efforts to hide spending... Continue Reading →

Restoring Organizational Trust

Restoring trust within an organization may seem difficult, particular if the focus is almost exclusively on producing and is not balanced by the need to maintain the capacity to produce in the future. However, the fact that high-trust organizations outperform low-trust organizations by three times provides a strong incentive to make the effort. High trust... Continue Reading →

Restoring Societal Trust

Restoring trust on the societal level means rebuilding trust in countries, institutions, industries, professions, and in other people generally. it includes counteracting suspicion and cynicism and replacing it with contribution, value creation, and ethical behavior.Stephen M. Covey Wow, kind of a big one, right? I mean how can we rebuild trust in institutions? They've been... Continue Reading →

When You have Lost the Trust of Others

Whether you lose the trust of others through a conscious act of betrayal, poor judgement, an honest mistake, a failure of competence, or a simple misunderstanding, the path to restoration is the same -- to increase your personal credibility and behave in ways that inspire trust. Sometimes the only way to win back is by... Continue Reading →

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