Beware of These Three Traps: Neglect

Trap 3: Beware Neglect It’s easy to neglect the important people and things in our lives when we get overcommitted or overreach. Perhaps that’s why this is one of the most important chapters in the book. Read it twice. Trust me. No one wants to wake up and realize they took their eye off what... Continue Reading →

Beware of These Three Traps: Dissatisfaction

Trap 2: Beware DissatisfactionDo not listen to those who say, “Never be satisfied.” Satisfaction is something you should feel as you strive, not one day when all is perfect. Being satisfied, then, doesn’t mean “settling.” It simply means accepting and taking pleasure in what is. It’s allowing yourself to feel contentment whether or not a... Continue Reading →

Values High-Performance Prompts

Here are some prompts for you to follow throughout your day or reflect on…. The values that are important for me to live are….Ex: freedom, integrity, intelligence, connection. A situation which I didn’t live my values was…living upcountry and for the past four years, having worked with women who under appreciated me and cheated me... Continue Reading →

New Mental Triggers

Bend thoughts and lead to positive states of mind. What triggers will remind you to steer you towards positive social interactions. Notification trigger -- alarm "bring the joy"Door frame trigger -- every time you walk through a door frame, find the good, enter the room a happy person and be ready to serve.Waiting trigger --... Continue Reading →

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