Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 9 | Passing the Buck: Communication Problems in the Workplace

We're finally here! This will literally be a full week's worth of development, and it all comes down to communication. When we look at communication problems in the workplace, where do the breakdowns happen? Are they the barriers, work vs. personal communications, rules, or attitudes? Could you add any more? In today's podcast, we discuss... Continue Reading →

High-Performance Coaching | Morning Mindset

We're back with the morning mindset! Here's the full write up of the performance prompts you can write in the morning! Today's Message to Myself My answer: schedule your day out! This is critical because after 7am, you have a completely wide-open day! Make sure you manage your activities well and live! Today's Top 3... Continue Reading →

33rd Birthday is HERE!

33rd Birthday! Wow, a third of a century being on this planet. The transformation in the last years, however, has been the most profound of my life. Here are my three biggest lessons of the last 365 days.  Seek Mentorship: If you told me I would have a transformation coach that would fall right into... Continue Reading →

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