University of Hard Knocks

Back in 2008, I decided to team up with my best friend and moved into a gorgeous apartment on the edge of Las Vegas near the Air Force base.  My friend was fresh out of the Navy and I was doing work-study and a summer course back at the College of Southern Nevada.  In the... Continue Reading →

Practice Persistence

When I first moved to Australia, I was extremely weak-minded.  I felt that the majority of people in Melbourne (it being extremely diverse with the French, Chinese & Mauritians) were boring; so I decided be boring, too.  I became someone who I wasn't because of the people around me - and after 5 months, I... Continue Reading →

Taking A Leap Can Transform Your Life

Chanthaburi, Thailand was a place that left me exasperated by the end of everyday because of the mistreatment not only at my school, but also around the entire town.  The grotesque stares from Thai people which was soul-crushing, the boss who threatened to fire me at any given time because she was power hungry, the colleague... Continue Reading →

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