Completing The Past Part II

After going back and completing the past, my conscious was now free. Those three individuals that were not only on my mind but also in the subconscious (dreams), they were no more. This was the most free-ing exercise. One of the individuals had responded with her explanation, but it didn't even matter because it was... Continue Reading →

Don’t Try To Saw Sawdust

I was watching highlights of a Los Angeles Clippers game this last year, and there was one particular player named Caron Butler who was mic'd up.  This mic was attached to his jersey and it recorded everything he said the entire game. There was an instance that he told the players on the bench, "hey,... Continue Reading →

Acknowledge Your Positive Past

The sad truth about how we look back on our past is that we all have a lot more victories than failures.  In present day, we count all our negatives rather than the blessings.  That's a given.  However; if we refer back to the past, we count all the negatives, too. Yes, my mother and... Continue Reading →

Jack Canfield – Believe In Yourself

You weren't an accident.  You weren't mass produced.  You aren't an assembly-line product.  You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly position on the Earth by the Master Craftsman - Max Lucado You have to believe that you are capable of making these dreams become a reality.   You have to believe that you're able... Continue Reading →

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