TOEIC: Conditionals II

I wanted to do another rundown of conditionals so you all have a more thorough understanding. If you understand conditionals, not only will it improve your score by about 5-10 questions on Part 5, but also improve your writing - enabling you to use complex structures rather than simple structures. Conditional sentences contain two distinct parts:... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Causative Verbs

Causative verbs show that someone or something made a certain action happen.  The most common causative verbs are get, make, and have.  Verbs like order, cause, force, and want can also be causative verbs.  They are followed by noun clauses. If the direct object of the causative verbs make, have, and let perform the action, the... Continue Reading →

Mongolia – The Unspoken Country

As I turned right heading out of the elevator during my lunch break, I wanted to check the geolocation of my podcast listeners, which always throws me off seeing who tunes in. Topped at number 3 on the chart, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. *Jaw Dropped* You've got to be kidding me! I ran into my class where one... Continue Reading →

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