Dealing with Flakers

Over the course of a week, I've had these types of fallouts. Mentors/coaches/authors chastising me on social media about an opinion"Coach" not getting back to my voice messageInstagram "single & relationship" coach being a complete assholeA "self-love" coach literally bailing on the day of an IGTV live, then completely pulling out less than a week... Continue Reading →

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 39 – Pronunciation – Intonation in Conditional Sentences

First and foremost, I now have the first of five phases (pronunciation course) available on UDEMY. If you're adamant with improving your enunciation in the work space, traveling, in the classroom, community, online with friends, etc....hit the link down below. UDEMY Pronunciation Course Welcome back to another episode, everyone! Today we're going to get a... Continue Reading →

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – IELTS Coaching: Episode 005 – Lexical Recourse & Correcting, welcome back to another IELTS Coaching podcast and Facebook live.  Last week was a success in terms of doing the joint podcast/live, so I decided to go through with it again this week.  Let's dive into the good stuff! Improving your Lexical Resource score This is a criteria that you will be graded on. ... Continue Reading →

Coaching Session 003: Being Creative

So, I was asked this fascinating question just recently by one of my content writers.  She asked me how to be creative and how we can continue being creative.  Well, we're living in a world that's changing literally every year, month, week, day.  The YouTube's and Apple's of the world can ultimately fall apart just... Continue Reading →

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