The Enlightenment Podcast: Season 1 – Episode 3 – Shayla Locklear on Email Marketing made EASY!

Amazing to have Shayla come onboard and share some unbelievably useful tips for Email marketing. These were absolutely GOLDEN! So, for those of you who are interested, check the shownotes down below, YouTube video or podcast! Get in touch with Shylar Locklear Links: Instagram: page: Things we discussed: Is email marketing still... Continue Reading →

Interviewee #028: Shayla T. Locklear – Corporations, Authenticity, & Coaching

This was another fiery podcast I did with high-performance coach, Shayla Locklear. The amount synergy that came out of this individual in terms of being authentic, coaching and other things towards the end...was amazing. Tune in! Links: Instagram: Website: Facebook page: Twitter: Things We Discussed Definition for strategy and meditation. What is... Continue Reading →

The Failure of Credentials (part 1/2)

Last year, my friend bought me a book that captured my attention about Malaysian youth unemployment that was higher than our Southeast Asian neighbours. Here the question popped up, 'why Malaysian millennials like me can't secure employment with a better pay cheque and move up the corporate ladder?' and 'did it have something to do... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn & What It Brings

So, I've been signed on to LinkedIn for the longest, connecting with people who I never messaged before in my life.  I've heard Gary Vee speak about how great LinkedIn in the professional realm, but I really never got a firm grasp around the true potential of it. Then came yesterday.  A day when I... Continue Reading →

My Podcast Platforms

There's been some confusion for some of my listeners to how and where to listen to my podcast.  For example, people in England download my episodes from iTunes; on the other hand, people in California listen to it on their iPhone and iPod. I'm going to throw a list and links down so you guys... Continue Reading →

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