Lisa Nichols’ Play-time

Your PlaytimeAnother area you’ll want to be crystal clear about is how you play during your off-hours—including the importance of scheduling playtime by actually marking it on the calendar. Playtime should allow you to completely disconnect from your responsibilities for the specified period of time—whether it’s a one-hour respite, a two-week vacation, or a three-month... Continue Reading →

How Reading Books Changed My Life

It was a potential trip to Singapore - resulting in a completely botched trip because of a friend pulling a hiatus and me saying to myself, "well, spent about 300-400$ USD on this trip to stay in a hotel with a "friend" and her apparent boyfriend.  Are you sure you don't want to go?"... Continue Reading →

Learn More To Earn More

If I am through learning, I am through. - John Wooden Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley said, "when people graduate from university, that's their official graduation from learning.  Who wants to stop learning?!" That was perfectly put.  People who have more information have a tremendous advantage over the others that don't.  I'm not saying to completely... Continue Reading →

Questions & Answer: When Did I Start Reading

Ahhhh, questions and answers day.  One of my proud listeners asked me about when I started reading and about how I have so much knowledge in the personal development let me tell you step-by-step the unfolding of my soul. First book....Rhonda Byrne's 'The Magic This was one of the very first books I bought... Continue Reading →

TEDx – Getting Personal

Audiences could be warm, fuzzy, empathetic and loving; other audiences could be cold and monotonous to the point you lose inspiration in even giving a talk. If you look at comedic stand-ups (although TED is much difference from hurling jokes at people), they look at people in the audience who's enjoying their show, not the... Continue Reading →

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