Interviewee #16: Nasuha Sahaili On Branding, Power of Words, Communication & Compassion

LinkedIn, a platform I've gotten very serious on in the past, is full of unbelievable potential and entrepreneurial mindsets.  In today's podcast, I was able to bring on a Malaysian-born entrepreneur who has a wonderful that focuses on the essential qualities of doing business -- going back to the basics, which is the most essential. The power... Continue Reading →

Interviewee #10: Dana & Dennis of Wodbudsuds

I had the absolute special privilege of interviewing an amazing up and becoming health and wellness business called Wodbudsuds - a business that creates soap. Not only that, but hearing the stories of both Dennis and Dana was remarkably inspiring. The 9-5, the drab job that continues to torment the majority of the world, had... Continue Reading →

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