The Failure of Credentials (part 1/2)

Last year, my friend bought me a book that captured my attention about Malaysian youth unemployment that was higher than our Southeast Asian neighbours. Here the question popped up, 'why Malaysian millennials like me can't secure employment with a better pay cheque and move up the corporate ladder?' and 'did it have something to do... Continue Reading →

Tedx – From Grade Schools, To International Schools In Bangkok Preaching Equality, To Ivey Schools In The East Coast United States – It Doesn’t Matter

I was sitting at a table full of youngins in Koh Phangan, Thailand - and they were arguing about who got into specific and "high class" universities in America. One said, "I got into Ohio State, Wake Forest, and FSU; therefore, I'm better than you all." Is that what society is predicated on now?  Being... Continue Reading →

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