The Desire Map | Soul Limber

"We’re circling your desires and feelings before we dive straight into them. Soul Limber is meant to get you out of your head and more into your heart space. Less logic, more . . . liminal. Answer with the first thoughts that come to mind. " - Danielle LaPorte From headspace to heart space. In... Continue Reading →

Reignite Your Life | How to Generate Happiness

Man, when it comes to happiness, people believe it's always a pursuit. But to be honest, it's generated. There's not a tangible object that will make you completely fulfilled, it's you and the appreciation for what's now, the nostalgic positivity towards the past, and the enthusiasm of the future. In today's podcast down below, I'll... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Questions of Your Life

The most important questions that schools do not ask students.  I've done this before, and I've also replicated what Vishen Lakhiani did in one of his videos.  These questions are vastly important for a lot of people, but yet they go undiscovered because of outside influences.  With the PDF that I provided below and with... Continue Reading →

New Morning Routine!

This has been a long time coming, but this absolutely super-charges my morning like no other morning has before! It all starts with the evening though.  If I don't have a successful evening and sleep after 9:30pm, it'll throw a curveball at my mornings and I'll have to take out one of the above, which... Continue Reading →

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