Can Facebook & Google top Zoom? NOT!

I'll try making this as unbiased as possible. Because the COVID pandemic, tutors in Thailand have profited massively from it. Meanwhile, language centers have completely dithered and fallen apart because they were romantically in love with the past. In saying that, zoom's profit, around the world, has skyrocketed 1,300 percent because from the schools in... Continue Reading →

Decentralization of The Internet: Longread (1/2)

By Jiun Ting Yong Since the boom of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, enthusiasts and adopters are very fascinated about the potential future of Bitcoin.  The WWW was invented by Sir Tim Berner-Lee. He had addressed his concerned of the potential monopoly if users' data by Google, Facebook and Microsoft Bing and other niche websites. The internet... Continue Reading →

The Disruption of Industries Are Coming (longread) Part II

Job recruiters or recruitment agencies have already been displaced by websites like LinkedIn,, and Monster. Also, Craigslist has been replaced by other kinds of classified advertisements and other classified websites. If you just browse your social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can see many hiring managers leveraging those social media platforms for recruitment.... Continue Reading →

The Differences Between VR & AR

By Jiun Ting Yong To begin with, after the VR sensation, which was followed by AR a few years ago, playing Pokemon Go on your Android and iOS devices was and incredible experience . However, those two technologies were different -- which brings us to the real question: what is a virtual reality? Virtual reality... Continue Reading →

Future of Technology: Alexa Devices

Alexa cues..... Alexa, what's the agenda? Alexa, how tall are you? Alexa, what's the weather like? Alexa, volume seven. Alexa, play rock, paper, scissors. Alexa, how far away is Christmas? Alexa, resume my audio book. Alexa, open dominos and order a cheese pizza. Alexa, how many calories are in one slice of cheese pizza? These... Continue Reading →

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