Coaching Session: Episode 008 – Do You Lack Tactfulness?

Lack of tactfulness Carelessness in the tone of voice often speaking in antagonistic tones that often offend. Speaking out of turn when silence would be more appropriate.Interrupting others who are speaking.Overworking the personal pronoun.Asking impertinent questions generally to impress others.Injecting intimately personal subjects into conversation where such actions are embarrassing to others. Going where one... Continue Reading →

Do This – & Criticism Can’t Hurt You

"I discovered years ago that although I couldn't keep people from criticising me unjustly, I could do something infinitely more important: I could determine whether I would let the unjust condemnation disturb me.  Let's be clear about this: I am not advocating ignoring all criticism.  Far from it.  I am talking about ignoring only unjust... Continue Reading →

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