As A Mentor/Coach…..This Will Happen

Imagine trying to have a conversation with a boy/girl you took under your wings for 3 years.  The first day you met him/her, you knew she were oozing with great potential.  Since you were heading down this career path from the beginning, you quickly turned him/her into a student/client and spurred her on to the... Continue Reading →

Arsenio’s ESL Café: Shopping + Podcast

Shopping, especially in NES countries, could be easy (but most people make it difficult).  Know your simple phrases, have good ethics, and always put whatever you pick up back.  Very very important. So, with that being said, let's go over some useful expressions that will help you while shopping. Can I help you? (shop assistant).... Continue Reading →

IELTS Speaking – Word Linking

When a word begins with a vowel sound and the previous words ends in a consonant sound, we link the two sounds together in continuous natural speech.  Word linking, which is strongly encouraged, will score you pretty high in your IELTS examination; in addition to that, would make you sound like a native speaker. Read... Continue Reading →

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