Cooperate With The Inevitable

It is astonishing how quickly we can accept almost any situation - if we have to - and adjust ourselves to it and forget about it. There was a story of a woman who had lost her son in a WWII.  Prostrated with grief,  she had fallen apart.  She became bitter, resentful, reflected her work,... Continue Reading →

The Realization of Growth

Ahhhh....I stood before a class, the same class I haven't seen in four years, with the biggest smile on my face.  The energy that was beaming out of me was utter elation.  The smiles on their faces seeing me speaking like a completely transformed being compared to what I was just two years prior. More... Continue Reading →

Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone

Track & Field in high school Those 200m, 300m, and 400m intervals that made me feel faint, dizzy, legs burning, and wanting to throw up after practice everyday were grueling.  As an athlete, these days, including heels and bleachers, are the days we dread.  The days I used to dread.  However, little did I know... Continue Reading →

Questions & Answer: When Did I Start Reading

Ahhhh, questions and answers day.  One of my proud listeners asked me about when I started reading and about how I have so much knowledge in the personal development let me tell you step-by-step the unfolding of my soul. First book....Rhonda Byrne's 'The Magic This was one of the very first books I bought... Continue Reading →

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