Aggressive Mask: Part II

“Unaddressed anger is the glue that keeps the Aggressive Mask stuck in place, starting very early and lasting, in many cases, for decades. There is research on this, and it testifies to how much young boys, in particular, are soaked in anger. For many of them, anger is the only emotion that is “acceptable” to... Continue Reading →

The High Cost of Getting Even

Throughout my life, my brother and I were never particularly fond of each other.  One would say that the opposite was always jealous of him, and the other would call the opposite a selfish person. Over the years, both my brother and I had gone through the sibling rivalries, as most brothers do.  The constant... Continue Reading →

The Penalty of Leadership

Since living here in Thailand, teachers have said: I'm black, too loud, too funny, not strict enough, too much charisma, gets all the work, brown noses, shouldn't be a teacher, can't write, bad at presenting.  In addition to that, students have said: we want a white teacher, we want a handsome teacher, you're too funny,... Continue Reading →

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