TOEIC Grammar: Determiners & Pronouns

Determiners and pronouns Point 1 Determiners Definition : A determiner is a word that is normally used at the beginning of a noun phrase. Determiners include: articles. There are two types of articles: - the definite article: the - the indefinite article: a/an possessive adjectives demonstrative adjectives   Some and any are usually followed by... Continue Reading →

TOEIC Grammar – Comparatives & Superlatives

 Comparatives and Superlatives Adjective Comparative Superlative one-syllable hard -er harder -est hardest two-syllable ending in –y early -er earlier -est earliest other two-syllable and long tiring intelligent more more tiring more intelligent most most tiring most intelligent some two-syllable quiet clever simple more or –er more quiet cleverer simpler most or –est quietest most clever... Continue Reading →

Career Goals For 2018

Well, this is the big one! I mean there's Tedx, working for companies (on my own contracts), there's the podcast, Herbalife, YouTube, selling things on my website, business cards, meetings, presentations.  Omg! I mean I really need to thing and plan this one out thoroughly. Podcast One of the biggest goals of course for this... Continue Reading →

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