The Terrifying Fact of Depression

It's all......THOUGHT. That's right.  Let me superimpose it for you. THOUGHT Think about it.  Our mind, which is home to trillions of cells, can and has created everything around you at this very moment.  The environment, relationships, feelings, assets, friends, everything! When I came to realize this back in early 2016, I literally unfriended every... Continue Reading →

Sensitivity Breeds Perpetuity

I normally walk over a bridge to go home everyday -- a pedestrian bridge.  When I get to the top of this particular bridge, normally there's someone there sitting on the pavement -- holding their hands to their face with a cup in front of them: "I need money."  On some days, there's an older... Continue Reading →

Transcending Those Limiting Beliefs

"Your subconscious mind does not argue with you.  It accepts what your conscious mind decrees.  If you say, "I can't afford it," your subconscious mind works to make it true.  Select a better thought.  Decree, "I will buy it.  I accept it in my mind." Dr. Joseph Murphy - Like what I've said in my... Continue Reading →

You’re Never Too Young To Start

Not enough experience, can't get experience, too young, blah blah blah! I've heard it all, and it's also a false notion. There was a young 12-year-old kid by the name of Ryan Ross, who at 3 years old started a chicken-and-egg business in his backyard (SELENIUM! YEAH!). He had 60 chickens and sold a dozen... Continue Reading →

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