The Emotional Bank Account Course is Officially LIVE!

So, after my blog has gotten a significant amount of views over the years (as well as podcast plays), I've finally put together a video course to teach everyone about The Emotional Bank account.  With loads of actionable items, this could be your introduction into personal development/self-improvement.  Because we're always engaged in communication, whether it's... Continue Reading →

Restoring Societal Trust

Restoring trust on the societal level means rebuilding trust in countries, institutions, industries, professions, and in other people generally. it includes counteracting suspicion and cynicism and replacing it with contribution, value creation, and ethical behavior.Stephen M. Covey Wow, kind of a big one, right? I mean how can we rebuild trust in institutions? They've been... Continue Reading →

Stephen Covey’s “Smart Trust” Matrix

We're back with another blog, although it's been a long time making personal development blogs! Much apologies, but here's an excellent Matrix, along with my explanation, in the podcast down below. Learning how to extend "Smart Trust" is a function of two factors -- propensity to trust and analysis -- which are juxtaposed on the... Continue Reading →

How to Build your brand

Building your brand. Talk task, right? Let's start off with some basic questions. Who do you want to be seen as online?What is your message?What is it you're trying to build and help people with? It's always the "help." Understand when you're trying to become an entrepreneur, the moment you start thinking about your own... Continue Reading →

Stephen Covey’s Action Plan on Trust

As promised in my podcast, this is the action plan with behaviors 1-13 and here's an excerpt, along with the action plan, so you can figure out what needs to be done intrinsically. In the beginning of this 13 behaviors section, I used a personal challenge for you to make this material highly relevant and... Continue Reading →

Listen First Trust Tips

Think back over your interactions with others during the past week, both at work and at home. Think of a time when you did or didn't Listen First. What were the results? What would have been the results if you had behaved differently? Of course, withdrawals. See, this is very important, especially in the world... Continue Reading →

Holding Others Accountable + Trust Tips

It's vastly important to understand how much accountability builds trust in culture. When leaders don't hold people accountable, the opposite is true. People feel it's unfair: "Well, look what he did....and he got off free!" It creates a sense of disappointment, inequity, and insecurity. You see this a lot in families where discipline is inconsistent,... Continue Reading →

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