High Performance Coaching | The P.I.T. of Inaction

Thursday is day to calibrate how week is going

Make that progress, show up, move things forward.

Some of the decisions didn’t happen, heard bad news, deals didn’t happen like my students

How will I approach, what energy will I put into this world, how do I wanna treat other people

The reason why people aren’t taking action is overwhelm, but that’s not true. There are other things going on certainly more than overwhelm. Stress becomes a very convenient excuse for us. I’m not saying they’r enot real, but there’s often something else going on.

  • I want to start to stream
  • Improve my family
  • Go for that new job
  • promotion
  • opportunity
  • eating better
  • get healthy

But I’m overwhelmed…..

Inaction, apathy, etc…don’t feel like we are moving forward, we’re stuck in a pit.

Pit of overwhelm, despair, uncertainty

That lower zone of emotional quality = PIT

  1. P stands for plan
  • we don’t have a clear plan, step 1, 2, and 3 is
  • worse, we think we should know it
  • don’t think of one, go get one.
  • Someone has already achieved what you’re after
  • Marriage? There are books
  • Better relationship with kids? Tons of books
  • Business? Tons of books!

Not a book person? Ok, online courses. Some mentorship programs

There are so many opportunities to model others and get their plan

I would invest in someone else’s plan, listen to audio, go to seminar, take notes on podcast, do something that someone else has already achieved.

If you don’t model it from someone else and have to invent it, fine.

Do you know your plan for this day though?

Maybe I can be concerned, or maybe I can just ask me “three actions towards this thing, dream, idea,” today?

You can do that. You can determine today what to do.

Search for an expert, buy course, watch it.

When most people say they’re overwhelmed, they do have a plan, they know 1, 2, 3 things they can do today to move forward but they haven’t.

They’ve taken notes, thought about it for years, clear picture = still not doing it. Often I find is the I

  1. I stands for identity
  • We often say “overwhelmed” but they have all this fear. You don’t have much fear, you just lack vision of yourself doing things successfully in the future. You’re not seeing it, visualizing it, sensing it.
  • Your esteem doesn’t match your expectations.
  • Doesn’t match the effort required to get to the mountaintop.
  • The worth you have, efficacy — it doesn’t match the goals, dream, plan.
  • You just don’t see yourself doing it yet.
  • “I’m deserving, willing to put myself out there, ready for that, ready to evolve into the person tha tdeserves that, manifests that.”
  • Your identity, though, is tied to who you were in the past, high school, old job, old relationship, current difficulties of life, not in the fields of the future.
  • oFTEN how we view and value ourselves is the things that’s happening, not technical overhwlem like too many tasks ahead.
  • “I don’t feel like I can, do it, they can do it, I bought his course but not like him,”
  • We compare ourselves to other people rather than spinning up who we are and what we are capable of and becoming the person we are required to become.
  • Isn’t always an act of becoming?
  • You have to visualize laying in bed in the morning, with good humor, excellence, etc. Going through the difficulties, having that positive outcome and visualize even if you do struggle.
  • Raise up the esteem if we are going to make the effort.

3. T is for Time Management

  • They have the plan, think highly of themselves, but time is poor.
  • Average American watches 4 hours of television a day — that’s almost 30 hours a week.
  • Average American’s use of social media. They lose 40 hours a week. That’s an entire work week gone in distraction, entertainment.
  • There are trade-odds in time management.
  • More time we spend lost, less time we have to pursue our dreams.
  • Pivot and adjust, to try new things, be with family, moderate our finances.
  • This is one of the fundamental and important skills and competencies we will ever develop in our lifetime.


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