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And with that being said, today I’ll break down how you can understand context in TOEFL iTP Reading (Vocabulary Questions).

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The teddy bear is a child’s toy, a nice, soft stuffed animal suitable for cuddling. It is, however, a toy with an interesting history behind it.

            Theodore Roosevelt, or Teddy as he was commonly called, was president of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He was an unusually active man with varied pastimes, one of which was hunting. One day, the president was invited to take part in a bear hunt; and insamuch as Teddy was president, his hosts wanted to ensure that he caught a bear. A bear was captured, clunked over the head to knock it out, and tied to a tree; however, Teddy, who really wanted to actually hunt, refused to shoot the bear and in fact demanded that the bear be extricated from the ropes; that is, he demanded that the bear be set free.

            The incident attracted a lot of attention among journalists. First a cartoon – drawn by Clifford K. Berryman to make fun of this situation – appeared in the Washington Post, and the cartoon was widely distributed and reprinted throughout the country. Then toy manufacturers began producing a toy bear which they called a “teddy bear.” The teddy bear became the most widely recognized symbol of Roosevelt’s presidency.

  1. According to line 1 of the passage, what is a “teddy bear”?
  1. A ferocious animal
  2. The president of the USA
  3. A famous hunter
  4. A plaything
  • In line 4, pastimes could best be replaced by
  1. Things that occurred in the past
  2. Previous jobs
  3. Hunting trips
  4. Leisure activities
  • The word “extricated” in line 9 is closest in meaning to which of the following?
  1. Released
  2. Tied up
  3. Hunted
  4. Shot
  • In line 11 “cartoon” could be best described as
  1. A newspaper
  2. A type of teddy bear
  3. A drawing with a message
  4. A newspaper article

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