TOEIC | Part III | Listening | Brainstorming Vocabulary for Locations, Activities, & Occupations

Welcome back to ANOTHER TOEIC! At the beginning of next month, I’ll be hosting another TOEIC Webinar (Listening Part III) for everyone who’s interested. There’s unlimited seating, and with a $5 buy-in, it’s a score!

Listening Webinar

Free Reading Webinar


In saying that, today we’re going to discuss vocabulary clues to infer meaning. The answers in the Part 3 of the listening test are not stated directly. You have to listen for related vocabulary and context. Here’s an example. Make sure you watch the video!

Where is the man?

a. At a hotel

b. At a car rental agency

c. At a train station

d. At a sports event

Related vocabulary: room, track, bed, stadium, fans, car, license

2. What is the first man doing?

a. Making a hotel reservation

b. getting married

c. borrowing a book from the library

d. making a restaurant reservation

Related vocabulary: table, bride, room, dinner, library card, vacancies, novel, dress

3. What is the man’s job?

a. a delivery man

b. a musician

c. a banker

d. a salesman

Related vocabulary: deposit, truck, discount, concert, withdrawal, order, recording, package

Listening Practice (in podcast)

  1. tickets, dallas, sleeper car, coach class, leaves 9am track 11
  2. vacancies, me and wife, bath, single room, fully booked
  3. like features new unit, sound better, lighter, 30 dollars more, delivery, 10% discount, 50 units

Tactic Practice

  1. Where are the speakers?
  • in a library special, birthday, recording of piece, rare, available on double CD released last month, sold out, order for you? Yes
  • in a book store
  • in a music store
  • in a gift shop

2. What is the woman doing?

  • recording a CD
  • looking for a present
  • taking an order
  • paying for something

3. What does the man imply?

  • the item is in stock
  • the item will arrive very soon
  • the item is extremely rare
  • the item is popular


4. What are the speakers doing?

  • watching the news
  • going overseas
  • looking at a job ad
  • planning a holiday

5. What can be inferred about the speakers’ relationship?

  • They have known each other for a time
  • they have just met
  • they work together
  • they live together

6. What does the man imply?

  • he is desperate to work overseas
  • he wants to go on holiday
  • he has enough money to live for a while
  • he would like to get a new place

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