Weekly Learning Review | S1: E6 | The Business Flow

After years of hard work. Not hard work in regards to the physical aspect of what the term may mean, but times when I just wanted to give up. My personal development podcast back in 2016 wasn’t excelling whatsoever after 3 years. I created an ESL podcast, and two years later, I got my first online client.

During these times, I created a joint podcast with another amazing podcast host, but after 80 episodes, I just felt like nothing was flourishing. It just felt like we were bringing random people on and after the interviews, they would disappear forever. It felt like a dead-end, so I doubled down on me beginning January 20th.

6 months later, I got my first-ever international client, and since then, I have an online education store that caters to students who need help in different aspects of English.

It took years of me trying out things, but now my business has finally reached the Flow State, something I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time.

Happy Monday! Let’s dive in!

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