Expat in Thailand | Questions & Answers

I recently had seen a blog featuring some really good questions about life in Thailand since the dawn of the pandemic, so I decided that I wanted to take a crack at it and answer some of these questions to put perspective on it.

In general, how do you think Thailand has handled the pandemic up to now?

Thailand shut down for 3.5 months last year with a mere 30-100 cases a day (nationwide) and applied strict measures on everything. However, the second shut down they were far less lax without any control measures, and the third shut down being from the governors themselves going to brothel bars in Sukhumvit, saying they pussy-footed this one would be a severe understatement. What’s happening now is there’s total chaos in this country and it almost feels like what America did last year — which was NOTHING.

If you were put in charge of things right now, what would be the first rules or things you would change?

We need to know WHERE the virus is. They push numbers but no locations. The majority of the cases are coming from Migrant/Construction camps, but yet they’re completely annihilating the food and beverage sector of Thailand. Restaurants need to be open at at least 50% capacity with distancing. All other businesses should also be open, except bars, nightclubs and where COVID had originated from.

Let’s talk about you personally. What is the most regrettable thing that the pandemic has robbed you of or changed about your life?

My Vietnam trips. I have no reason to travel to America for the next decade plus, but being able to visit the likes of Singapore and try something new is a thing of the past.

From a work point of view, how has your situation changed (if indeed it has) and has there been any significant financial impact?

When it comes to significant financial impact, COVID has made me finally bet on myself rather than working these dead-end, part-time jobs which never looked out for my well-being. Trying new things in Korat last year before I squashed the last-past business associates free’d myself from the shackles of dependency. Now, independency is here. With clients coming in from the podcast, I realized YouTube, Instagram and others are directing so many potential new clients my way. Also, now that classes are online, what’s the point of a middleman? Especially a middleman that boosts his prices and only takes work away from you? I’m fully capable of making my own money now and I will never have to rely on a tutor to do anything for me anymore.

Has the pandemic had any positive impacts on your life?

The pandemic allowed me to do a transformation program, healing sessions and life-coaching. After that, it was developing in a variety of ways through personal development. If the pandemic didn’t happen, I would still be the same, jealous, limiting belief possessing teacher who was going nowhere but in circles. When the pandemic is over, that’s when the real takeover begins!

When do you predict the world will return to some sort of normality and we will be able to travel abroad and maybe get to remove these damn face-masks, etc?

Oh, America took a hard 600k deaths, but they’re back to normal. Also, Europe is back to normal, as you see in the football matches. There’s definitely a glimmer of hope, but most Asian countries, except for the virus-origin-country, are now going through what the European countries went through. The problem with this is most SE Asian countries are not financially stable to combat it, and now it could be an egregious slow burn for many of them, including the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia especially.

When we get to the light at the end of this long tunnel, have you promised yourself to make lifestyle changes or do some things differently?

No promises needed. I took action from March last year until now so that when the pandemic does finish, I’ll be ready to start flying around the world for business coaching and presentations. I’m not a dabbler. I’m not someone who says “ok, when the time comes, I’ll do it then.” There’s no such thing as a “when the time comes,”….it’s always now.

For someone who doesn’t know how to get through the days and is perhaps suffering mentally, what would be your advice?

Trash in, trash out. Your head is not a trash can, so stop treating it like one. At the dawn of the pandemic, USA ran rampant with conspiracy theories in which their beloved #45 pushed around so often. However, in Thailand, the fear is still constantly pumped out with insufficient vaccine totals, the thousands of cases everyday, and of course, the occasional racial hatred towards specific groups of people that will get you angry and depressed at the same time. The world is just fine, but those who have power and make poor decisions are the problem. CONTROL YOU. There’s a quasi lockdown currently and I wouldn’t know because it has nothing to do with me. I’m executing my plan, setting up deadlines for my courses, doing podcasts, connecting with individuals from around the world, and dedicating time to my other half. Medication and personal development (learning) and establishing my morning mindset, evening journal, monthly review and weekly review has really put everything into perspective.

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