IELTS | Speaking | People & Relationships + Webinar Preview

Hello, all! I’m back with a wonderful webinar preview! So, in today’s session, we’re going to dive into adjectives and meanings, as well as relationship phrases and audios that support them. This is going to be an excellent lesson and the follow-up will be this upcoming weekend (Webinar!). So, let’s dive into some language development, introduce story-telling, grade three speaking part twos and go from there!

Language Development

Match the definitions with their adjectives

  1. ambitious
  2. nosy
  3. judgemental
  4. hard-working
  5. open-minded
  6. over-sensitive
  7. reliable
  8. self-assured
  9. stingy
  10. clever
  11. creative
  12. good fun
  13. outgoing
  • charismatic
  • benevolent
  • free-spirited
  • driven
  • energetic
  • intelligent and able to understand things easily or plan things well
  • willing to listen to and consider other people’s ideas and suggestions
  • putting a lot of effort into your work
  • saying exactly what you think without trying to be polite
  • an be trusted to work well or to behave in the way that someone wants you to
  • unwilling to spend money
  • too quick to criticize people
  • having confidence in your own abilities
  • with a strong desire to be successful, rich, or powerful
  • very friendly and likes meeting and talking to people
  • too easily offended
  • interested in things that do not concern you
  • with the ability to invent and develop original ideas, especially in the arts
  • easily irritated by things
  • enjoyable to be with because you say and do interesting or amusing things

Vocabulary: Relationship Phrases

  1. get on with somebody/get along with somebody
  2. look up to somebody
  3. be in touch with somebody
  4. fall out with somebody
  5. grow apart from somebody
  6. take after somebody
  7. grow up together/with somebody
  8. be close to somebody

a. argue and stop being friendly with somebody

b. have a good relationship

c. gradually have a less close relationship with somebody

d. be in communincation with

e. know somebody well and see or talk to them often

f. have many childhood and adolescent experiences in common with somebody

g. respect somebody

h. resemble somebody in your family (in appearance or personality)

Speaking Question 2 Evaluations

Number 1


got on and hardly ever fall out

really outgoing, always going out with friends and colleagues

good fun

look up to her because she’s so hard-working and never sits still

works long hours

could be a bit impatient

not efficient as her, take after her in that

over-sensitive, getting offended for no reason

Number 2


so creative

new games they can play

make stories to make her laugh

amazed by open-mindedness

I wish…

unfortunately grew apart

by the time they went to uni, not in touch

sad, blame it on reliability

Example, won’t respond

Number 3


don’t get on with inlaws



always wanting to know everything


upsets her


Ex, go out for meal

never offers to pay

much better off than them

she’s clever

set up own business

gone from strength-strength

What to Expect on Webinar?

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Webinar

  • Introduction
  • Connecting words
  • Practice Speaking (Impromptu Style)
  • Listening to your audio and critiquing it
  • Task Cards
  • Story-telling style

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