Transformation Week | Life Assessment

Man, this was a gut punch.  This is similar to the Wheel of Life, but normally with the Wheel of Life, I feel like I’m consistently on cloud 9. However, with this assessment, I realized that there are particular areas that I can be SO MUCH better in. This format will substitute the original Wheel of Life beginning next month, too!

Welcome to the second episode of transformation week! Rate yourself on a scale 1-10 and hear my scores in my podcast down below!


I regularly take care of myself so that I can feel my best. I want my overall physical and emotional health (my well-being) to be primed and optimized to make me feel energetic and strong each day. I strive to eat well, sleep well, and exercise so that I have the physical vibrancy and stamina to enjoy life and deal with its challenges and opportunities.


I keep a positive outlook and attitude. I’m cultivating a sense of joy and peace in my life so that I can experience positive emotions and relationships. I take care of myself by being mindful to the energy, focus, and emotions I really want to experience and generate in life.

Partner/Significant Other

If in a relationship: I feel a consistently deep, trusting, appreciative, soulful, loving connection with my significant other. I am patient, respectful, and attentive to my partner’s needs. If single: I live each day through my heart and demonstrate compassion and love for others.


I am present with my family. I am creating deep connection, fun and positive energy with the family members that I keep in contact with. It’s evident that I love my family and I’m doing my best for them. I try to forgive their mistakes and be compassionate with them.


My immediate social circle of friends brings connection, fun, and
positive energy into my life. I seek out positive people and I do my very best to bring positive energy and real authenticity into all my relationships. I spend enough time with friends.


I feel clear, energized, and fulfilled by my work and contributions to the world. I believe my work or day’s effort adds real value and is a true reflection of my best efforts and contributions. I am truly engaged and excited by what I’m doing—it feels like a mission, calling, or purpose.


I plan special experiences—trips, adventures, nights out, time to connect or disconnect—so that I enjoy life. I give enough time to the things I love in life, including to my hobbies, interests, and non-work goals and adventures.


I feel connected to the present moment and vitally alive in my spirit. I am congruent with my beliefs and behaviors and I keep my faith and values at the forefront of my decisions and daily actions.


I am being responsible in how I spend my money. I’m saving money for my future. I’m learning the skills necessary to develop my ability to earn even more. I am happy with my lifestyle and allow myself to enjoy what I’ve built and earned.


I am curious and pay attention to the world around me so that I can learn new things. I ask questions. I seek to discover new things about myself and others. I have created a personalized curriculum for myself so that I can develop the skills needed to succeed.


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