Dealing with Negative Feedback

Absolutely ECSTATIC about my first negative feedback. After teaching in the morning yesterday, I looked at my phone and realized someone, who I never met before, purchased my membership. I said, “omg! This is going to be AMAZING!”
Shortly after, he said, “oh, I signed up through YouTube but I would like to have my money back because there’s nothing that interests me.”

It was a head-scratching, gut-punch moment. A number of things could’ve gone wrong, but I granted that request without hesitation.

I got home and realize that he did sign up for a badge that had a ton of content, 8 essay evaluations, two free hours of coaching and much more. a $250 bundle for just $50 a month. So, I quickly made a video on YouTube, telling everyone “listen, you guys don’t know who I am…so let me tell you.”
This particular individual got so much back from my video that he clicked on the description, went to my membership, HAD TO READ the description, and purchased it. But somehow he missed the most critical aspects of it?

So, what went wrong? Obviously, it just wasn’t for him, but YouTube is also a market that doesn’t know me. They don’t know that I have a quarter-million download podcast and the number 1 TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC podcast in the world on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. So I asked myself the first question.

1. How would my best self solve this situation?

2. How would my best self take this feedback to learn?

3. What could I do to avoid these types of refunds from happening again?

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